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with [Brit wɪð, Am wɪð, wɪθ] PREP If you have any doubts about how to translate a phrase or expression beginning with with ( with a vengeance, with all my heart, with luck, with my blessing etc.) you should consult the appropriate noun entry ( vengeance, heart, luck, blessing etc.).
with is often used after verbs in English ( dispense with, part with, get on with etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( dispense, part, get etc.).
This dictionary contains usage notes on such topics as the human body and illnesses, aches and pains which use the preposition with. For the index to these notes .
For further uses of with, see the entry below.

1. with (in descriptions):

6. with (accompanied by, in the presence of):

8. with (in relation to, as regards):

10. with (because of):

18. with (featuring, starring):

Véase también: wrong, what, vengeance, trouble, part, matter, luck, heart, get, dispense, blessing

1. wrong (incorrect):

2. wrong (reprehensible, unjust):

3. wrong (mistaken):

4. wrong (not as it should be):

wrong → stick

I.what [Brit wɒt, Am (h)wət, (h)wɑt] PRON

1. what (what exactly):

4. what (in clauses):

II.what [Brit wɒt, Am (h)wət, (h)wɑt] DET

VII.what [Brit wɒt, Am (h)wət, (h)wɑt] INTERJ

VIII.what [Brit wɒt, Am (h)wət, (h)wɑt]

vengeance [Brit ˈvɛn(d)ʒ(ə)ns, Am ˈvɛndʒəns] SUST

I.trouble [Brit ˈtrʌb(ə)l, Am ˈtrəb(ə)l] Troubles SUST

1. trouble U (problems):

2. trouble (difficulties):

3. trouble (effort, inconvenience):

4. trouble:

III.trouble [Brit ˈtrʌb(ə)l, Am ˈtrəb(ə)l] Troubles VERBO trans

1. trouble (bother) person:

V.trouble [Brit ˈtrʌb(ə)l, Am ˈtrəb(ə)l] Troubles

1. part (of whole):

4. part (share, role):