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I.under [Brit ˈʌndə, Am ˈəndər] PREP When under is used as a straightforward preposition in English it can almost always be translated by sous in French: under the table = sous la table; under a sheet = sous un drap; under a heading = sous un titre.
under is often used before a noun in English to mean subject to or affected by ( under control, under fire, under oath, under review etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate noun entry ( control, fire, oath, review etc.).
under is also often used as a prefix in combinations such as undercooked, underfunded, underprivileged and undergrowth, underpass, underskirt. These combinations are treated as headwords in the dictionary.
For particular usages, see the entry below.

II.under [Brit ˈʌndə, Am ˈəndər] ADV

Véase también: review, oath, fire, control

I.review [Brit rɪˈvjuː, Am rəˈvju] SUST

1. review:

review (gen) ADMIN, LAW, POL (reconsideration)
the week in review RADIO, TV

I.fire [Brit ˈfʌɪə, Am ˈfaɪ(ə)r] SUST

4. fire U (shots):

II.fire [Brit ˈfʌɪə, Am ˈfaɪ(ə)r] INTERJ

V.fire [Brit ˈfʌɪə, Am ˈfaɪ(ə)r]

I.control [Brit kənˈtrəʊl, Am kənˈtroʊl] SUST

1. control U (domination):

II.control <part prés controlling; prét, part passé controlled> [Brit kənˈtrəʊl, Am kənˈtroʊl] VERBO trans

under way [Brit ˌʌndə ˈweɪ, Am ˌəndərˈweɪ] ADJ

I.plough under VERBO [Brit plaʊ -, Am plaʊ -] (plough [sth] under, plough under [sth])

II.plough under VERBO [Brit plaʊ -, Am plaʊ -] (plough [sb] under) inf Am (thrash)

I.keep under VERBO [Brit kiːp -, Am kip -] (keep [sb] under)

knuckle under VERBO [Brit ˈnʌk(ə)l -, Am ˈnək(ə)l -] inf

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Véase también: over

I.over [ˈəʊvəʳ, Am ˈoʊvɚ] PREP

3. over (across):

II.over [ˈəʊvəʳ, Am ˈoʊvɚ] ADV

III.over [ˈəʊvəʳ, Am ˈoʊvɚ] ADJ inv

underage, under age [ˌʌndərˈeɪdʒ, Am -dɚˈ-] ADJ

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under Ejemplos de uso en el diccionario PONS (revisados por la redacción)

to sweep sth under the carpet [or a. Am rug] [or a. Aus mat]
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