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can1 <past could> [Am kæn, Brit kan, kən] VERBO modal When can means to be capable of or to be allowed to, it is translated by poder: he can't eat no puede comer; can you come out tonight? ¿puedes salir esta noche?
When can means to know how to, it is translated by saber: can you swim? ¿sabes nadar?; she can already read and write ya sabe leer y escribir.
When can is used with a verb of perception such as see, hear, or feel, it is often not translated: can you see her from here? ¿la ves desde aquí?; she couldn't feel anything no sentía nada.

1. can:

5.1. can (indicating possibility):

Véase también: could

could [Am kʊd, kəd, Brit kəd, kʊd] VERBO modal

2. could (indicating possibility):

1.1. can (container):

2.1. can slang Am (prison):

II.can2 <part pres canning; past, past part canned> [Am kæn, Brit kan] VERBO trans

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can opener [ˈkænˌəʊpənəʳ, Am -oʊpnɚ] SUST

watering can [ˈwɔ:tərɪŋkæn, Am ˈwɑ:t̬ɚ-] SUST

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